Preparation is key when it comes to properly applying a finished floor. Coastal Epoxy takes the proper measures to make sure our customers get a beautiful floor and know they will not have any future problems with it. We begin by filling any holes, cracks or joints in the concrete, so no blemishes may appear when floor is finished. Grinding the concrete is extremely important, as you want to create a CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) for the epoxy to be able to bond with the concrete.

Flake Floor (2 Layer System) – A pigmented epoxy base coat is spread once the concrete is prepped and the customer’s choice of flake (Color/Size) is broadcasted into the base coat. We provide the customer with a single broadcast of flake which covers close to 100% of floor. There are other companies that offer a “single broadcast” which turns out blotchy and uneven. The base coat takes 8-10 hours to dry fully, once it is dry, we scrape the flake to assure no pieces stand out when we apply our topcoat. The clear topcoat is a polyaspartic product (100% UV Protective) and we have a dry time of 1-2 hours. This gives the floor a glossy finished look.


Metallic Floor (3 Layer System) – We begin with an epoxy primer coat; this is to help prevent moisture from coming up through the concrete and creating bubbles. The second coat is a combination of metallic colors chosen by the customer to generate a unique one-of-a-kind floor. Finishing with a clear polyaspartic topcoat which provides the UV protection against any sunlight that would cause yellowing or cracking to regular epoxy.

Quartz Floor (3 Layer System) –

Solid Color Floor (3 Layer System) –

Logo Floor System –